Bedtime--the time of day that seems to come as such a relief to others, but for you, is a sign that another night of tossing and turning is yet to come. 

The thoughts "turn on" and won't stop.  

You dread the arrival of morning and wonder how you will ever be able to  "fake your way" through yet another day of exhaustion.

You've tried everything else.  Now it's time to do what works.  
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Dr. Vaughan is  a licensed psychologist whose clinical focus is the treatment of sleep disorders.  If you have been struggling with sleep difficulties, the good news is that many chronic sleep disorders can be treated behaviorally, without the use of medication.  Behavioral treatment programs for insomnia work particularly well for helping patients wean off of sleeping medications, and individuals who participate in behavioral treatment for insomnia have lower relapse rates relative to medication use.  

Treatment length is usually six to eight sessions, but many patients report that start to see an improvement in their sleep after three to four visits.  If you are interested in learning more about behavioral treatment for sleep disorders, please visit the "Sleep Disorders FAQ" page for additional information. 

Additionally, Dr. Vaughan specializes in clinical child psychology and the treatment of childhood emotional health concerns, including sleep difficulties, anxiety, depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and behavioral problems.

 Her practice is focused on providing evidence-based treatment to patients and families to improve quality of life and well-being.