You are exhausted day after day, but when nighttime arrives, sleep doesn't come.  You are sick of structuring your life around your insomnia and anxiety. 


Anxiety, depression, and chronic sleep disturbance are stealers of joy. Medications can help, but they can be habit-forming and their effectiveness can diminish over time.  If you are worried about the effects of sleep loss and chronic anxiety on your health, work performance, and relationships, you have come to the right place.

Dr. Vaughan is board certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine to provide behavioral treatment (meaning without medication) for sleep disorders and the depression/anxiety that so often accompanies them.  Behavioral treatment is not sleep hygiene.  It's a scientifically based, time-limited approach to treating sleep disturbance that has been proven to work (learn more about "CBT-I" here).  

I can't wait to help you reclaim your life.


Dr. Vaughan, Licensed Psychologist

I love my job.  I get to work with intelligent, creative, motivated individuals who are ready and willing to work to rediscover who they are apart from their insomnia and anxiety.  

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